Frequently asked questions to give you more information to help you on donating through ShopAndAid.com

Q. How does it work?
A. If you click through to any of our retailer partners from shopandaid.com and go on to make a purchase, they pay us a commission. We pass the commission in the form of a donation to one of our charity projects.

Q. Why would the retailers do this?
A.It is a common part of the retailers marketing strategy and it is cost effective for them too, as they make the payment to us once you have made a purchase from them.

Q. What can I buy to create a donation?
A.ShopAndAid works with hundreds of shops. You can buy anything from groceries, holidays, clothes to computers for you or your business. Just visit them from shopandaid.com

Q. Do you know what I have purchased?
A.No. We do not know any of your financial and purchase details. We receive information on total amount spent, and the amount of commission that has generated.

Q. Do you share the details with third parties?
A.No. When you go through the shopandaid.com, your details held on a secure servers and they never passed on to anyone else.